Araucaria Retreats

As the pace of modern life gathers momentum and hurtles towards an unknown future our biological organisms strive to keep up with the speed – at the cost of our nervous systems.

Mind and Body retreats are becoming more commonplace as the need to unplug increases with every Gigabyte of data that we ingest.

What would it be like to be held in a space where time stands still for a short while?

To re-connect to the inner parts of you; aspects that stand back and make way for you to learn how to exist in this technological era.

The Araucaria partners offer a multidimensional approach to Mind and Body integration that is led by a deep neurobiological understanding of the power of environment to either sooth or irritate our nervous systems.

Our retreats are specifically themed to support our systems and foster particular qualities that allow us to lead our lives with awakened purpose. We utilise the precious jewels that are offered to us by the Earth and we encourage you to take your sustenance from this connection.

Our intention is to offer experiences that will stay with you for life.


Our hope is that you take what we share and find your nourishment in a personal practice that offers some breathing space from the daily grind.


Our commitment is to prepare a space that allows you to come into present moment awareness and re-connect to your natural state of being.


Our invitation is to encourage you to take what we offer and allow it to permeate into your modern life for your health and your happiness.