MakingSpace Programme

Have you ever caught yourself wondering how you will get through the next few weeks?

We have.

Those times where we need a little extra help but we know that we don’t have the time to find what we need.

Those of us who practice with mind and body know the benefit of clearing space to help us get through these times.

Perhaps you’re considering taking up mediation or a breath practice because you heard that they create enough space for you be more effective in your life.

Or you may already have a practice and find yourself searching for something new.

Whatever you are looking for we hope that our free programme will encourage you for to make the space for yourself to BE.

Our five-week programme shares one practice per week and asks you to make the space to sit daily for 15-20 minutes.

We have curated a special combination of mind and body practices that are delivered into your inbox with a bit of blurb from us.

At the end of the five weeks you’ll receive a closing email that will reveal exactly why we have built the course in the way that we have and invite you to consider whether it worked for you.

We ask that you spend a few moments to journal so that you can look back on your progress.

For those of you who like to be interactive we have a dedicated Facebook group for you to share you experiences or have discussions around the practice.

Joining us is free – just complete the form below to receive the MakingSpace Programme straight to your inbox.

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