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  • 48 Hour Remote (Re)Boot

    48 Hour Remote (Re)Boot

    Are you stuck on a never-ending treadmill continually going round and round in circles, chasing your tail? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired, and yet too busy to carve out even 48 hours away from the rat race? Are you ready to unplug and power down, taking time to recharge your […]read more »
  • Human Alchemy Programme

    Human Alchemy Programme

    Mind and Body Leadership Programme for Spaceholders, Teachers, Stewards and Leaders The Human Alchemy Programme is a 10-part course that shares mind and body practices to teach you how to manage the effects of stress and enhance your leadership qualities. The programme is for people who: Are interested in mind and body self-development Hold groups […]read more »
  • Winds of Change Retreat

    Winds of Change Retreat

    Join us in the rolling hills of Tavira for a four-night mind-and-body retreat that utilises the sensory nature of the environment to promote a sustainable connection to self. Do you wish to unplug and recharge your batteries? Are you longing for the kind of human connection that will nourish your soul? Do you want to […]read more »
  • Spirit of the Mountain: Snowdonia Mind & Body Retreat

    Spirit of the Mountain: Snowdonia Mind & Body Retreat

    A three night mind-and-body retreat in Snowdonia that promotes team spirit and inner resilience as we ascend the majestic Snowden Mountain and connect to her indomitable spirit. Are you seeking new experiences? Would you like to join a group of like-minded folk who wish to come together, practice yoga and contemplative practices? Want to get […]read more »

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