Weʼre raising £5,000 for the Araucaria Project to support people from addiction into leadership – and we’re asking for your help.

Modern society, much like the monkey-puzzle tree ‘Araucaria araucana’, is difficult to climb and it’s all too easy to get stuck in one place.

The Araucaria Project seeks to reach down a hand to those who are stuck on one or more of society’s complex branches – your generous donation will be used to fund a special recovery programme for people with addiction.

The Araucaria Scholarship Programme will part-fund four people per year, who are in sustained recovery from addiction, onto the Pilamaya Yoga Teacher Training Course – a 220 hour Yoga Alliance Professionals accredited training programme

Co-founder Shaura experienced a painful 10-year cycle of addiction in her early years, losing much that was dear to her as a result. She is not alone. Shaura spent the next 12 years learning diverse forms of spiritual, mind and body practices, including yoga therapy.

She went on to create training to educate yoga teachers and recovery workers how to effectively work with those who suffer from addiction. The Minded Addiction Recovery Kit (MARK) training has been running for 4 years with the Minded Institute.

The Araucaria Scholarship will be offered to an individual nominated by a MARK Graduate. They will have been practicing yoga for at least two years and intend to teach yoga to others.

The Scholarship will cover more than 60% of the cost for training, with the remaining money being fundraised by the individual’s sponsor in return for 108 voluntary hours in the recovery sector.

The Programme recognises addiction in all its manifestations; from substance abuse to workaholism.

Co-founder Gail brings 20 years experience of working in the private, public, and third sectors, and has first-hand knowledge of the damaging impact of anxiety and burnout that can result from highly stressful environments.

Shaura curated the Pilamaya Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training programme and Gail is a graduate who shares her unique skills on the course. The training cultivates self-responsibility, leadership, and heart-based yoga teachers.

The initiative is rooted in a compassionate desire to offer support from personal turmoil into recovery and leadership.

We are very grateful for any help you can contribute to the project.