Why would anyone want to be led by me?

I come to this project with a deep understanding of the addictive process. I have lived through many years of dark times, and I consider myself lucky to be alive. Over the last thirteen years I have been committed to the long-term goal of becoming self aware and useful in the world. To do this I had to be the creator of my new self, the self I wanted to be as a person freed from the thrall of addiction.

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The journey from here to there

One accidental meeting rekindled my love affair with yoga; and then in October 2014 I met Shaura, who has gone on to become my teacher, friend and business partner.  These chance encounters led me into a whirlwind of training which after 2½ years of intense activity has brought me this far; to being a yoga teacher, mindfulness practitioner and coach. And yet – the real point of this journey is that it has brought me home to myself.

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