Why are we on this mission?

The systems that we humans have created in the last couple of centuries have paralleled our neural development in many ways. From the beginning of our time on Earth, structures in our brains have worked together to help us understand cause and effect in our environment, allowing us to make sense of the world whilst attempting to direct us towards becoming more capable of predicting what will come next. In tandem with this ability to interpret causality, other structures in the brain that have refined our ability to experience diverse emotional states have developed alongside faculties that allow us to experience internal stimuli and connect such phenomena to the external world. We have developed neural networks that initiate anticipation and structures that predict how it will feel to be rewarded. Thus, we approach things that have yielded positive results for us and we avoid those things that have caused us distress.

As humans, we can observe the passage of time through philosophical, analytical, numerical, scientific, and/or artistic lenses. We are amazing creatures! Yet, as our society is gaining ground at exponential rates in the ways of business, information, and technology, our brains are being asked to hardwire behaviours that are not intrinsic to our wellbeing. Our minds are becoming relics of a bygone era in our own present-day society, and whether we realise it or not, a yearning is arising to recall and reclaim our true, natural, and intuitive selves.

The Araucaria Project is founded upon a deep neurobiological understanding of how our brains are responding to the modern world; awareness of the behavioural sciences that show us what happens and what to expect when we reach overload; a specific comprehension of the ways in which we make all of our relationships in life; unconditional positive regard both for ourselves and for our fellow humans; and, above all, insight into the divine connectivity of all beings.

We strongly believe that every individual has a unique and exclusive way of attaining personal peace and higher functionality in their world. Once discovered, the potential for leadership within each of us is released.

The questions we need to ask are:

  • Do you strive to attain, yet still feel unfulfilled at the end of each day? 
  • Is your life giving you what you need?
  • Are you thriving—or just surviving?
  • Do you often experience chaotic behaviour and events? 
  • Does it feel like you’re struggling to hold it all together by a fragile thread? 


  • Are you ready to come out of survival mode, find your breathing space, and experience the inner stillness that could change your life?

If your answer is YES to two or more of the above, we invite you to take the plunge and join us.