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Araucaria Project


Join us in the rolling hills of Tavira for a four-night mind-and-body retreat that utilises the sensory nature of the environment to promote a sustainable connection to self.

Do you wish to unplug and recharge your batteries?

Are you longing for the kind of human connection that will nourish your soul?

Do you want to be catered to with delicious food?

Do you fancy immersing yourself in new and fresh scents and enhancing your connection to Earth? 

What do we offer?

We offer an eclectic combination of mindfulness-based practices, hatha yoga, yoga nidra, yin yoga, kundalini yoga meditations, and breath practices that have been found to instil a sense of calm.

We will use the natural scents that arise in luscious orangeries, the gardens, the sea, the river, and the hills to delight your sensory systems.

As we experience these moments in time, our eyes cannot help but take in the natural beauty and unique colours that the local landscape offers: the red and yellow earth tones, the deep blues of the sea and rivers, bright greens of the trees and plants, a host of bright flowers; and the orange, pink, purples, and reds that accompany the sun’s rise and set.

As you enter into a state of receptivity and relaxation, your subconscious mind may reach out to you and reveal guidance or wisdom.

You will leave for home with scents to carry your journey forward in the hope that you will take this environment with you wherever you go and that your memory banks connect to this week of nourishment in a way that may provide you with breathing space in times of need.

Together, we will explore the winds that drive us and learn how to work with the winds of change in order to widen our ability to be the wind in our own sails.

Why retreat with us?

The intention of this retreat is to share mind-and-body tools that connect you to your true self in a particular way.

As humans on this modern-day Earth, we are subject to many crosswinds. The Winds of Change that blow through our lives are more likely to bring anxiety and confusion rather than a new weather front; yet there is one thing for sure: those of us who are resilient in the face of change prosper, and those of us who are not, suffer.

The circumstances of our immediate environment often dictate how contented we feel in the world. Yet many of us exist within environments that we constantly hope will change one day, and perhaps they will.

From a practical perspective, the mind sciences have found that sensory environments are extraordinarily important for our developmental trajectory in life. They have also found that we are never too old to re-train our system and encourage our brain cells to grow.

This Winds of Change retreat draws upon our knowledge of neurobiology coupled with practices that we feel will promote healthy activity and even growth in the structures that govern integration of memories and those that hold our sense of who we are, where we begin and end, and where we stand in the space that is around us.

Why the Algarve?

Tavira is a beautiful historic town located in the Eastern Algarve that boasts an array of delights. Whether it be the historic building and churches in the area, the Rio (river) Formosa that meanders along the Atlantic coastline providing habitat for an abundance of birds, the wonderful silver beaches, the rolling green hills, or the many orange groves that line the quaint country lanes, Tavira has something for everyone.

The location on the coast gives rise to crosswinds that come from all directions, and thus, the wind bring stories from the African and European and American continents, sometimes we fancy that we even hear from the Far Eastern countries. We invite you to attune your senses to the feel of the wind on your skin, the movement and susurrus of the foliage as the breeze connects with the Earth, and the scents that are carried across the land.

The Winds of Change event will be held in Tavira, in Portugal’s eastern Algarve. From the restorative fresh ocean breeze, to the scent of orange and fig trees, we think you will see why we believe the Algarvian hills have magic in them.

All our food is locally sourced, where possible organic, and specifically curated to complement our theme as we explore our connection to a place through our senses of smell and taste.

A full timetable will be provided upon booking.


Investment for this 4 night retreat is just £550 in total.

The full breakdown for payment schedule is as follows:

£250 within 2 weeks of booking.

£275 4 weeks prior to retreat.

Upon booking this event you will receive confirmation of your Eventbrite ticket via email. We will then be in touch to arrange for your deposit to be taken to confirm your place.

We regret that given the nature of the retreat and because we wish to cater for each individual person, we are not able to offer refunds, apart from in exceptional circumstances, and always at the discretion of the Araucaria Project.

Please note the above costs do not include flights to Faro, Portugal.