Hello, I’m Shaura. I decided to write my first Araucaria blog about my migration from creator and alchemist to vision holder and group leader.

I come to this project with a deep understanding of the addictive process. I have lived through many years of dark times, and I consider myself lucky to be alive. Over the last thirteen years I have been committed to the long-term goal of becoming self aware and useful in the world. To do this I had to be the creator of my new self, the self I wanted to be as a person freed from the thrall of addiction. In creating and becoming this fresh person, I had to learn how to take the lead of everything I had been and everything that made me who and what I was and make this all into the gold of the best person I could be. This alchemical process has consumed my consciousness for many years. In his book The Metaphysical Mind, Dr. Andrew Newburg expresses the view that the more that we focus on something the deeper our neurological pathways become, and with time and concentrated attention we are able to reach deeper levels of understanding. Reading this work has literally changed the way that my brain communicates with itself and me.

Somewhere along the way I decided that I would write a training course that would guide people towards becoming outstanding yoga teachers.

As I contemplated on what was in my heart, I began to build the training around what was important for me. I wanted to include both Western and Eastern sciences, and I also wished to bring my spiritual paths together; to share songs and concepts that I have learned from my Native American Indian family along with the Eastern Indian philosophies that also speak to my heart.

I wanted to bridge worlds.

Somehow this dream was manifested, and with the support of my mentor, Heather Mason, I taught the first Pilamaya Yoga cohort in 2016.  After the completion of the first course, I invited those that were ready to come with me and find a space to support others within this vision.

I ended up with a team to lead, and this marked another beginning.

All of a sudden I had a team of people that needed things from me, some of which I could not deliver. I realised that I needed to grow again and in a new direction in order to support this team.

My co-founder of this project, Gail Stephens, had been introducing me to the world of leadership as my coach; the exercises that she set me piqued my interest as I strove to become a more effective person.

I started looking through leadership books in Waterstones. I opened one book and saw the title Why Would Anyone Want to be Led by You? This question resonated so deeply with me that I immediately bought the book and started to read. I realised that the development that I had undertaken over the years had created some of the qualities that leaders aspire to possess. My solitary work to develop had translated into skills that could make me a good vision holder and leader of people. My resulting conversations with Gail led us to come to the realisation that the contemplative, physiological, and corporate sciences could be combined into an authoritative model of mind-and-body leadership that would be really valuable to others who find themselves in the leader position or for anyone who wishes to explore how leadership can supports our personal journey on the path of awareness.

We are so excited to be launching this program in January 2018.

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