araucaria: noun | ar – au – car – ia

Araucaria araucana: Monkey Puzzle Tree
An evergreen tree that would “puzzle a monkey to climb it”.Society today is much like the Monkey Puzzle Tree; it is truly puzzling to climb and we will get stuck on one or more of its branches in our attempts to ascend.

Welcome to the Araucaria Project

The Araucaria Project has specific solutions to specific modern pandemics. We invite you to take time for you and reconnect with your instinctive intuitive self. We invite you to take the first steps in recognising that you can choose to live a different way.

Are you ready to join us?

What is the Araucaria Project?

The Araucaria Project is a grassroots social enterprise born of the hearts and minds of two British yoga teachers Shaura Hall and Gail Stephens. Both of the Araucaria Project’s co-founders have personal histories that contributed to its creation.

The Araucaria Project recognises the addictiveness of 21st-century living and strives to provide mind and body sustenance for those who are ready to realise their true potential.

The Araucaria Project holds a belief that the world needs embodied leaders yet those who have the potential to lead often come unstuck in one way or another, drifting into maladaptive and addictive behaviours. Our programmes provide the environment that supports, guides and empowers people to become the change that they want to be.

The Project addresses all forms of addiction in modern society, from drugs to video gaming, from gambling to workaholism.

Gail and Shaura have developed unique events that explore the usefulness of practices such as yoga, mindfulness and meditation, blended with an understanding of leadership tools and techniques that enable us to realise our full potential.

The project also seeks to guide those who have experienced the cycle of addiction through the Araucaria Scholarship Programme.


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